The Benefits of Body Brushing

Body Brushing Benefits.jpeg

Detox, nourish and hydrate the skin this Summer through the use of dry body brushing. The mechanical action of dry body brushing is perfect for exfoliating away dead skin cells, increasing blood circulation and ridding toxins from the body through the promotion of lymphatic drainage.

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Why is body brushing good for you?

We absolutely love the benefits of dry body brushing as it not only removes dead skin cells but creates a pathway for your body products to reach their destination quicker resulting in smoother, brighter skin! As the action promotes internal detoxification, this can also result in weight loss, cellulite reduction and the elimination of accumulated toxins.

How often should you body brush?

As dry body brushing essentially opens up the pores on your skin, we recommend body brushing twice a day (AM & PM) on dry skin for maximum results.

Lets talk you through the step by step - how to dry body brush your skin.

  1. Using long sweeping upward motions, make sure you brush the area you are treating 2-3 times before moving to another part of the body.

  2. Always brush towards your heart to aid in circulation and follow the natural flow of lymph.

  3. Be gentle around the decollete area as well as the stomach - always sweep clockwise on the stomach to avoid any upset tummies.

  4. Conclude with applying your favourite body lotion or body oil for the ultimate hydration.