Cellular Hydrator

Cellular Hydrator


Skin Types:
All - ageing/mature, dehydrated, stressed/irritated,
photo-damaged, environmentally damaged, post-treatment


Take charge and refuel the skin with this powerful anti-ageing hydrator. HY.O3 revitalises and visibly improves skin tone. Using this product in conjunction with post-operative, laser and peeling treatments makes the procedures less stressful on the skin, and renews it more effectively.

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EGF - naturally occurring protein; regenerative
Retinyl Palmitate - stable form of vitamin A; improves skin’s elasticity; rejuvenates cells
Rapeseed and Loveage Oil - regenerative; supports keratinocytes and proteins
Glycine Soja - powerful anti-oxidant; MMP inhibitor; anti-wrinkle; moisturising
Collagen - water-binding agent; protective
Tocopherol (D-gamma) - skin brightener
Arginine - anti-oxidant amino acid; reparative
Tocotrienols - potent form of vitamin E; powerful anti-oxidant