Cellular Hydrator HY.03

Cellular Hydrator HY.03


Skin Types:
All - ageing/mature, dehydrated, stressed/irritated,
photo-damaged, environmentally damaged, post-treatment

Take charge and refuel the skin with this powerful anti-ageing hydrator. HY.O3 revitalises and visibly improves skin tone. Using this product in conjunction with post-operative, laser and peeling treatments makes the procedures less stressful on the skin, and renews it more effectively.


Use morning and night. Apply to clean skin. Can be used alone or over a serum.
Caution: External use only – avoid contact with eyes. This product should not be used after a deep peel or exfoliation due to the stimulating activity of EGF. Wait 48 hours before using.

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EGF - naturally occurring protein; regenerative
Retinyl Palmitate - stable form of vitamin A; improves skin’s elasticity; rejuvenates cells
Rapeseed and Loveage Oil - regenerative; supports keratinocytes and proteins
Glycine Soja - powerful anti-oxidant; MMP inhibitor; anti-wrinkle; moisturising
Collagen - water-binding agent; protective
Tocopherol (D-gamma) - skin brightener
Arginine - anti-oxidant amino acid; reparative
Tocotrienols - potent form of vitamin E; powerful anti-oxidant