Deep Cleansing Exfoliant

Deep Cleansing Exfoliant


Skin Types:
All - photo-damaged, acne-prone, ageing/mature.


A combination of bio-actives and alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) power-exfoliates cellular debris, and refines the skin for a smoother complexion. This powerful deep-cleansing exfoliant works deeply to decongest pores, allowing the skin to breathe more freely. Pores will feel clean and refreshed, while serums and hydrators are absorbed more effectively into the skin.

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Lactic Acid (AHA) - power-exfoliates; refining; reduces cellular build-up; hydrating
Marion Berries - potent anti-oxidant
Cornmeal and Raspberry Seeds - physical exfoliant
Raspberry - potent anti-oxidant; contains high levels of vitamin E; reparative; conditioning