Intensive Care Hydrator

Intensive Care Hydrator


Skin Types:
Dry, dehydrated, ageing/mature, stressed/irritated, sensitive, post-treatment.


This super-rich anti-oxidant formula is the ultimate rescue remedy for parched, dry and sensitive skin. It provides a highly protective, soothing and moisture-retentive shield. HY.O4 is nurturing and caring, making it a saviour for delicate and ageing skin.

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Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) - regenerates collagen and elastin; skin brightening, anti-ageing
Glucosamine - alleviates skin dryness
Spin Trap - ‘intelligent’ anti-oxidant
Fullerenes - anti-oxidant; effective carrier of skin actives
Shea Butter - powerful anti-oxidant; alleviates skin dryness