Intensive Retinol Serum

Intensive Retinol Serum


Skin Types:
All - ageing/mature, photo-damaged, environmentally damaged, blemished, acne prone, dehydrated.


This serum contains the exact properties of Retinol serum but even stronger. More potent with a higher percentage of retinol for those who are serious about combating the signs of ageing and refining the skin. The addition of peptides makes this serum an effective alternative to collagen injections with serious plumping agents.

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Retinol (L) - regenerative, anti-ageing, stimulates collagen and elastin
Tripeptide-5 (Syn-coll) - peptide that stimulates collagen synthesis, alternative to collagen injections
Tripeptide-1 - peptide that increases firmness, encourages tissue renewal
Lactic (L) - power exfoliates, refining, reduces cellular build up, hydrating
Seabuckthorn Oil - rare omega-7 fatty acid aids in healing troubled skin
Blackberry Fruit Extract - MMP inhibitor, anti-ageing
Beta-Glucan (D) - Anti-irritate, healing, wrinkle reducing, stimulation of collagen, Moisturizing
Asiatic Acid - antioxidant, anti-free radical, ECM compound booster (Collagen and GAG)