Oil Control Hydrator

Oil Control Hydrator


Skin Types:
All - acne-prone, dehydrated, sensitive.


This Oil Control Hydrator is specifically designed for oily and problematic skin without the drying effects. The Lilac stem cells has an anti-inflammatory effect while reducing excess sebum and significantly reducing acne. This hydrator works wonders on those wanting a light weight moisturiser making it a universal light weight hydrator.

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Niacinamide - Amide form of Niacin vitamin B3, involved in cellular respiration, lipid synthesis, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, improves epidermal barrier function, inhibits skin pigmentation, smoothing of fine lines/wrinkles

Syringa Vulgaris (Lilac Stem Cells) Leaf Cell Culture Extract –  after 30 days of use a 40% reduction in acne and also a significant reduction in melanin pigmentation, reduces acne and sebum, yeast control and anti-inflammatory activity

Montmorillonite – main component of bentonite, clay, oil reducing, high mineral content, rich in minerals

Phytic acid – powerful antioxidant, gentlest of all acids, anti-inflammatory Squalene – antioxidant, hydrating