Retinol Serum

Retinol Serum


Skin Types:
All - ageing/mature, photo-damaged, environmentally damaged, blemished, acne prone, dehydrated.


This potent retinol serum contains peptides that promote collagen synthesis and is an effective alternative to collagen injections. With serious anti-wrinkle properties it is the ultimate tool in combating the ageing process. Loaded with retinol it helps to regenerate and refine uneven skin tone.

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Retinol (L) - regenerative, anti-ageing, stimulates collagen and elastin
Tripeptide-5 (Syn-coll) - peptide that stimulates collagen synthesis, alternative to collagen injections
Tripeptide-1 - peptide that increases firmness, encourages tissue renewal
Lactic (L) - power exfoliates, refining, reduces cellular build up, hydrating
Seabuckthorn Oil - rare omega-7 fatty acid aids in healing troubled skin
Blackberry Fruit Extract - MMP inhibitor, anti-ageing
Beta-Glucan (D) - Anti-irritate, healing, wrinkle reducing, stimulation of collagen, Moisturizing
Asiatic Acid - antioxidant, anti-free radical, ECM compound booster (Collagen and GAG)